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Materials used in our products

The Daniele Lanzoni Srl. uses different kind of material to guarantee for its Customers a large choice, pleasing tastes and needs of everybody.

Materials used in our products

  • Solid wood:

    Wood is a natural and living material.

    Solid wood is taken from the deeper part of the trunk, called durame. The type of wood you choose determines the beauty and strength of the pieces.

    According to Italian quality and taste, durmast wood is normally used because it shows its beautiful wood grain. There are a lot of essences of wood like walnut and cherry trees and more.

    The particularity of solid wood is its modifications over time: for example, wooden windows will become darker.

    Solid wooden doors and windows are still made in an entirely artisanal way.

  • Honeycomb wood:

    This material is made of an honeycomb frame or MDF.

    The inside frame is covered with two smooth or pantograph panels to realize design doors, really different from each others. This kind of material is cheaper than solid wood, but it 's dimensionally stable while natural wood isn't.

  • Aluminium:

    It is a silvery white metal which is getting from bauxite minerals.

    Aluminium is a soft, durable>/b>, lightweight, ductile and malleable metal with appearance ranging from silvery to dull gray, depending on the surface roughness. Corrosion resistance can be excellent due to a thin surface layer of aluminium oxide that forms when the metal is exposed to air, effectively preventing further oxidation. For these reasons, aluminium is used when performance is required durability&resistance.

    Today, in the windows' manufacture is almost required the aluminium thermal break that is getting put insulation strips made of reinforced polyamide between two aluminium profiles.

  • PVC:

    Because its relatively low cost and its biological and chemical resistance, PVC is a useful material and it has been used for a wide variety of applications. With the addition of steel, it has become a popular material for windows and doors.

    By adding plasticizers, it can become flexible enough to be used in cabling applications as a wire insulator. It has been used in many other applications. Windows in PVC are good thermal insulation and they allow a great energy saving and less humidity in the house. It's an acoustic isolation material, too.

    PVC windows are waterproof, easy to clean and they require a little maintenance. You 've just to clean it with a humid cloth to get it as new.